Tech Tip: Reuse Old Google Forms Quizzes

Many teachers reuse their digital assessments from year to year.  It is tempting to treat a Form like any other Google Doc and “make a copy” every time.  However, this isn’t necessary, and can get confusing or worse - can lead to student responses lost in the Google void!

To Clear Old Responses and Reuse a Form:
  • Open the Form in Edit mode.
  • Click the “Responses” tab.
  • Click the three dots (the Google snowman!)
  • Click “Delete all responses”

The responses will be deleted, and your beautiful Form will be unchanged and ready for fresh responses!

Wait! I want to save my students’ answers first!

If you want to keep a record of student responses, you can choose “Download Responses” as a .csv file, which is readable by Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or a text editing program.

There are other methods, such as “Unlink Form” and relinking it to new spreadsheets, but that has the potential to lead back to confusion.  Download, delete, and start fresh!

A Cleared Form is a Happy Form!!!

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