Tech Tip: Create Instant Docs with .New!

If you want to quickly create a new Google Doc, try typing “” in your browser. A blank document will be created, placed in your Google Drive, and opened for immediate use.

Try it with most Google Apps by replacing “doc” with the name of the app. For example:


Pro Tip:  Immediately give your new doc a name, then click the folder icon to organize it in your Drive:

Combine this with Command+T or Command+N, and you can be a total keyboard warrior and make new docs in seconds without touching your mouse!*
*(on PCs and Chromebooks, it’s Control + T and Control + N)

Teach students this tactic for times when they quickly need to take notes, brainstorm, or begin a new assignment from scratch. It works best if they are already signed in to Google. 

Coach them to name and organize docs immediately so they don’t have dozens of “Untitled Documents” in their Drive!


Happy Keyboard Doc Creating!
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